Live Notebooks

For the first time ever characters from the notebook cover come to life! They make you laugh or even scare you a little.

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How it works

  • Install the app
  • Activate the "Shark"
  • Point the camera at this picture
  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Extreme" (5 pcs.)

    This is the craziest Live notebook collection! Due to the "slow motion" effect, you can see every detail of Johnny's performance of various stunts so that you can repeat every move!

  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Animals" (5 pcs.)

    This Live notebook series is unique! Covers are made using a special style called "Low Poly", which is super-popular all over the world. The highly aesthetically pleasing design ensures high demand.

  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Cartoon" (5 pcs.)

    A wonderful collection of live notebooks! The characters have been specifically designed to make the dream of every child to be in a fairy tale come true.

  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Planets" (5 pcs.)

    An educational collection of live notebooks. You can not only look at the planets of the solar system, but also learn interesting facts about them.

  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Assorted" (5 pcs.)

    The debut collection of Live notebooks that is selected to meet the preferences of consumers of all ages and social statuses.

  • $ 9 ,99

    Notebooks series "Holiday" (5 pcs.)

    Special collection of live notebooks which is devoted to such popular holidays as Halloween, New Year and Valentine's Day.

How to order?

It's simple. Place an order and within a few days your Live notebooks will be packed and shipped to the specified address.

Start your own profitable business.

650 $
1000 notebooks
5 types
Price per unit.: 0,65$
Recommended retail price: 1,62$
Profits: 970$
1450 $
2500 notebooks
5 types
Price per unit.: 0,58$
Recommended retail price: 1,62$
Profits: 2600$
3975 $
7500 notebooks
5 types
Price per unit.: 0,53$
Recommended retail price: 1,62$
Profits: 8175$
5875 $
12500 notebooks
5 types
Price per unit.: 0,47$
Recommended retail price: 1,62$
Profits: 14375$
9750 $
25000 notebooks
5 types
Price per unit.: 0,39$
Recommended retail price: 1,62$
Profits: 30750$

*only for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

  • I didn't use notebooks after finishing the university. But when first samples of live notebooks have come into our office, all diaries were thrown out. I like it so much, recommend!

  • Today I received a complete set of Live notebooks. Thanks! This is the best product that I have seen over the past few years!

  • I bought 5 different notebooks, and I liked the large beast Tonator most of all. When it jumps out of the notebook, behind it a hole opens in space and you can see a planet. So exciting! I'm so impressed!

  • One of the most interesting products and applications. Notebooks are really look like alive! I think it will be interesting not only for children but also for adults... Great job!

  • I am DELIGHTED!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, I'm the last who found out something about such a miracle ! I really did not hear about these notebooks ))) Today my colleague gave me a notebook with a purple dinosaur . Everything works great. Although I am no longer a child but my emotions are overflow . These notebooks are real miracle! )

  • Super ! Thank you for such a fairy tale for my children ! When I saw these notebooks with such effect I immediately bought all of them to my three children: shark , monster, dragon, hearts... The Beast jumped first – such a beauty! And the sound of effects is so good !!! I give 10 points!

  • Hi guys! I found out that there is a new program that animates the characters on the covers of notebooks :-) I’ve animated all notebooks : fairy, robot, monster, lemur and dinosaur! I am very happy! I love these notebooks :-) I hope everyone will like it as I do!